Industry Agriculture and fishery will be traditional industries of your Amis, and technical work opportunities was additional has just

Industry Agriculture and fishery will be traditional industries of your Amis, and technical work opportunities was additional has just

The newest betel freak bag for carrying the fresh betel nut, limestone, betel, and you can puffing pipe is done by the mommy because of their people otherwise a female on her lover, and that is called the partner’s handbag (alufo)

step 1. The fresh new Amis been having foxtail millet (Setaria italica, and hafay on Amis vocabulary) and you will turned to grain (Oryza sativa, and you may panay about Amis words) about Qing dynasty. Having expanding dominance, grain turned into among the many Amis’ solution dishes through the Japanese laws. Except that altering from millet to help you rice since the center layout of one’s yearly ritual, the Amis has modified new Compile Event to help you after the rice accumulate because of the go up off rice culture, demonstrating rice’s very important effect on the fresh Amis social changes. As the employment opportunities out-of technical labor have raised following the personal transformation out of agriculture so you’re able to industry and you can trade, of several Amis people have changed its efforts out of farming and you may angling to labor functions, such as for example inshore and you will strong-ocean fisheries or perhaps the service markets throughout the Taipei and Kaohsiung locations.

dos. Structures Traditional Tafalong Properties: Usually, Amis some body inhabit a residential area nearby both towards the tribal construction hallway as the heart and you can farmlands, search factor, otherwise angling portion in the community. Plus the construction hallway, for every single society keeps good watchtower to keep up tribal shelter. A classic Tafalong residence is including a house, a barn, and you can a pig forgotten or cows construction. Traditional Amis house is actually cottages. Are all one rectangular strengthening that have a front door. Amis people will change the lawn roof when you look at the fall every a couple to three many years. Around, Amis partition your kitchen, the fresh living room area, and you will bed room that have wood otherwise bamboo, towards stove (paruod from the Amis code) make which have three stacked stones because cardio. On account of socioeconomic alterations in the fresh new 20th 100 years, strengthened concrete buildings have increased and become area of the form of Amis building today.

Concurrently, the brand new Amis some body build betel freak trees as much as their homes and you will consume betel insane once the a form Killeen backpage escort of snack and you may an important restaurants during the relationship, traditions, and you may anywhere between people, it’s entitled ‘icep in the Amis

3. Dinner Along with grain taken from farming, Amis somebody gather nuts edible herbs and you can hook pets and you will seafood to possess food on day to day life. No matter if grain (panay) are a staple dinner, glutinous rice performs an important role within the Amis’ weddings, funerals, and you can celebrations. Immediately after steaming, it pound glutinous grain (hakhak) and also make a gooey grain pie (toron). The hakhak and toron may be the specialization native edibles out of Hualien and you may Taichung respectively. With rich training into the agriculture and you can bush event, the brand new Amis are good on preparing having wild edible plants, thus are jokingly called as this new “herbivorous” tribemon wild delicious plant life of your Amis include the betel freak (‘icep), velvet persimmon (kamaya/kafohongay), while the breadfruit (apalo/facidol). Chicken and you may seafood off bing search and catching would be the big healthy protein resources of the fresh new Amis. The unique hot stone cooking pot and you may recovered chicken (siraw) is extremely culturally special. New sexy stone cooking pot is described as cooking seafood and you can shrimp within the a container made out of betel nut leaves called cifar/kadong because of the placing sexy stones to the, that is an incredibly native preparing style. Brand new healed boar chicken (siraw) to have chicken conservation is actually member of your Amis for its book scent and you may preferences.

4. Clothing Regarding first checklist, Amis anyone generated outfits which have cloth knitted which have bark and you can banana posts that have flannel needles. Besides forest bark, very early Amis somebody made use of don-resistant linens and you will pelts having gowns and rattans making headgear. Since question trading (barter) shot to popularity, handcrafted clothing ultimately eliminated. In the 1st 1 / 2 of new 20th century, pure cotton gotten out-of barter turned into well-accepted. Traditional Male and female Attire of your Amis during the Hualien: The latest designs of conventional Amis attire range from the Hualien layout and Taitung concept. Both looks is actually identifiable regarding direct scarf, the newest tits coating, together with top. Red, black colored, white, blue, and you may environmentally friendly is their favorite colors. By the matching the design plus the colour, Amis gowns try evident during the colour and vivid into the image. As the master plus the priest take pleasure in a special social status regarding Amis people, they wear robes that have an excellent betel freak wallet and headgear when you look at the important characteristics and ceremonies. The latest alufo was a highly beneficial and you may common connection in ordinary minutes and you can traditions. Brand new headgear is also a symbol of social standing. The principle and individuals of different many years classes identify the condition and social category which have headgear.