Loopio – M&A Due Diligence Software

In the past, M&A due diligence meant lawyers sifting through piles of paperwork to determine the operation of a buyer. While there’s a lot of work to do in the diligence process, modern tools enable lawyers and other dealmakers to conduct their analyses at rates and efficiency that were not possible until today.

Tech Due Diligence

In the current climate of cybersecurity risks and GDPR regulations, conducting due diligence on tech is essential for the health of your company. A thorough due diligence process in tech involves evaluating a software business’s security and ensuring they are conforming to GDPR regulations. It also examines the strength and scope of the company’s portfolio of intellectual property, and identifying any potential issues.

In the process of acquiring during the acquisition, it is crucial to know the financial structure of a company and ensure that all parties share the same expectations. A thorough due diligence process can reveal issues like overstated net operating losses, unreported tax liabilities, non-filing of exposures, payroll taxes sales and use taxes, and property taxes.

During the due-diligence process it is crucial to have a plan for gathering and sharing all relevant information. The use of playbooks that can be utilized by teams throughout the process can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and helps ensure uniformity. Loopio’s collaborative workspaces and team workspaces features help teams focus on their work and prevent them from getting distracted by other tasks.