Brand new Ice1andic De1 e gation, without a doubt, appreci ated t the guy fri end1 y thoughts off Elizabeth

Brand new Ice1andic De1 e gation, without a doubt, appreci ated t the guy fri end1 y thoughts off Elizabeth

ts of Austria, Greace and you may Turkey, at the 1ts 143rd Appointment cn 30th June The selection concerni ng Ice1and had age nvi saoed an offer out-of

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step one.5 mi11ion t o Ice1and f ar t he weeks J u1y-elizabeth go out b1ocking Iceland’s qu ota we letter Elizabeth.P.You. The fresh new Counci1 got deferred cor.s ideration out-of t his deci s we on. C.A. and of new Controlling Board from E.P.You. into the an effective cknow1 elizabeth dging Ice1andls reputation while the a great structura1 loans or, but the Ice1andic Regulators got grave second thoughts as to perhaps the matter recommended wou1d be adequate t o wave Ice 1and aver the 3 weeks period inside the quest ion. There had been a few main reasons why for it stress:- ( i ) (ii ) OvJing t o new seasona1 chara(;ter out of Iceland’ s exports, that point in question – and you will especia11y new days away from J u1y and you will August – try a1ways particu1ar1y difficu1t for Ice1and step 1 s ba1ance of money. The fresh partia1 1ibora1isation out of We ce1and step one s imports inside Apri had triggered, nnd wou1d for some time to come remain t O end up in, re1at1ve1y highest imports of a lot merchandise t cap is 1i bera1ised. It actually was fe1t so it wou1d become diff 1cu1t t o f orete11 the age xact amount you need.ed f or perhaps the bui1ding 1p of norma1 trading brings of the fresh products at issue and you can, beaause of t the guy sood determine out-of liber nlisation, t the guy Icel andic Goverrunent could well be most re1uctant in order to ‘ enjoys t o roll up t hese measures. / / /

The newest E

55 – step three – C /Meters (51) twenty seven ( Expert v. ) Howe observar, once evaluating the matter thoroughly, his Government got authorised brand new Icelandic Delegation t o take on the fresh draf t finished within the paragra)h cuatro by proposition of J oint Change and you may money Commi ttee. New Icelandic Government would do all things in the power t o generate e nds meet wi thi letter brand new f ramewor k wh

t the Controlling Panel regarding Age. P.You., the latest Age. therefore the Counc we l wauld, inside the due path, grab on amicable c o ns l

rati o n an application t o l ift the clogging of one’s Icelandic quota for the Age.P. You. The brand new Representative to the All of us asserted that Age.c.A. try grateful t ha t the newest Govr=rnment_o.l’ Ice1and undertake ed the fresh new plans envisa6ed from the draf t Counc>l Choice within Annex IV t o C(51)214. Inside detarmining t he f igure w

i ch tt had suitable for new meantime credi t, the brand new E. got a t inclined to capture carefully into consideration all of the fresh new considerations br need t o their focus of the t he User of Iceland. On such basis as present i n development, E. C.An effective. wished and you can bel ieved t cap thi s unique interim credj t, i n combinati.into the wtth almost every other resour ces on di sposal away from

the guy Government off I celand, would show enough for its requi r age me nts. , needless to say, stood ready all of the time t o feedback, t ogether wi t h the Mana ging Bcard, any request you to mi ght go t o the latest Panel in this connecti on the, whether or not Elizabeth. expected this woul d not necessari t o unbl ock the brand new quota. The latest CO\JNCIL ( l

You ) used t the guy dra base Council endment in order to section cuatro prop osed by t the guy J oint Change a beneficial nd Payments Committee into the C(51)218.

ase attach t his sheet with the minut (‘ f:l we::;su0d to the 231 d..fuly, not as much as.refe:ccnce C/M(5l)2B(Prov:.) COUNCJT, Yards we nu t es o f t h elizabeth.=step one:!litll_j:step 1